What Time Does Olive Garden Close?

Wednesday , 1, March 2017 Leave a comment

Italy is a country that is considered to be the most exotic country in Europe. Not only this country is filled with a variety of high cultural value such as art, theatre and fashion, but it also has a distinctive delicacy food no longer in doubt. Italian dishes can even be found in all corners of the world because it is very universal and almost everyone loves it. One of the best Italian restaurants you might be able to find is Olive Garden.

Olive Garden is an Italian restaurant which has a family oriented theme. It is regularly open at 11 am in the morning. What Time Does Olive Garden Close? As for the time when the restaurant will be closed is also very standard. From Monday to Friday, the restaurant will be closed at 10 pm and for the weekends, which are Saturday and Sunday, it will be open until 11 pm, considering that there will be more customers that would like to have a dinner later in the day as most of them are free in both of those days.

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