SEO Anchor Text and Techniques SEO Optimisation On Search Engine

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Often times when we are looking for an information through a website or blog, we’ll find a blue text. If we click on the blue text, then we should automatically open a new page in a new window. This text is called anchor text. In a web or blog, where the anchor text is very important. Anchor text can be used as optimizer blog. The more anchor text that leads to our blog, the higher our backlinks. It can increase our PageRank. If you want to get the best services in SEO – is the answer.

There are some safe ways to optimise anchor text. The following will be elaborated on ways that are safe for optimisation of anchor text:

1. Anchor text main keyword
Anchor text is to use the main keyword. A keyword that is used should not be too long-winded and convoluted. And also should not be too over, because Google is not a site that can not filter the anchor text.

2. Anchor text General
Anchor text is the name of a website or blog, for example, The use of anchor text is important in an effort to protect our blog at any time when Google reshuffle algorithm.

3. Anchor text support

Anchor text is a combination of primary and general keywords. This means we can cut a little off the main keyword, and add an URL shortener.

In general, the function of the use of anchor text is to increase visitor or visitors blog, enrich backlinks, and increase page views on our blog or website. There are a few tips to make the anchor text, namely:

– Try to make the anchor text that corresponds to the topic of our blog,

– When making anchor text, be sure to connect with one posting articles on our blog.

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