How is Hands Chiropractic Works

Friday , 24, February 2017 Leave a comment

Hands Chiropractic is a treatment program conducted and facilitated by professional chiropractors who are trained and have specialised hand and wrist injuries. Usually, they work in physical therapy or rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, community health centres, and private practice physiotherapists to work as part of a sports team or a charitable organisation.

During the consultation of hand chiropractic, the chiropractors will check the patient’s hand and wrist to determine how severe the injury or the effects of the disease. Afterwards, a treatment program will be created and tailored to the case or the patient’s condition, such as:

– Exercising the hands and wrists
Exercising the hands and wrists on a regular basis can increase the strength and the ability to move gradually.

– Manual therapy
In manual therapy, therapeutic massage your hands and wrists to improve the circulation of blood and fluids, relieve pain, stiffness, and create more relaxed muscles and nerves.

– Water or aquatic therapy
This refers to exercises performed in warm shallow water. Water is known to increase a relaxing effect on muscles and joints.

– Mechanical remodelling
This is done when there are wounds and scars involved.

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