Compact Camera Development

Thursday , 9, March 2017 Leave a comment

Of course, many people are hesitant that a pocket camera with the size of your palm can produce good photos. As the name suggests these cameras fit to be tucked in clothes or pants pocket. Small size and the lightweight characteristic are proven to give a lot of benefits when we go for travelling. Bring a camera wherever will increase the chances of capturing unexpected moments.

Before convicting how pocket camera work, let’s look at how things have progressed. You need to check to see the list of the best compact camera in 2017. The size is now clearly smaller than a pocket camera movie era. From year to year, there is a tendency getting smaller and thinner. Ten years ago is hard to imagine a camera about the size of 10×6 cm by 2 cm thick could load of batteries, memory cards, sensors, chip, LCD, flash, and lens.

The rapid development of digital technology, something that used to be hard to imagine now could become a reality. Likewise, efforts to improve the quality of the photo shoot, sensor and image processing chip, is way better. Increasingly wide ISO range from 200 to 3200. The quality of the lens, optical zoom, vibration reduction, and a maximum aperture range of 1.8 to 2.8 is commonplace.

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