The 3 simple rules to get the B1 English Test certificate smoothly

Friday , 10, February 2017 Leave a comment

It’s not a good idea to choose a random B1 English Test provider, especially when there are many scams out there. You need to choose one carefully, so you will be able to come home with a real and legal B1 English certificate which will help you to get the UK visa. You can check the to learn more about this test. However, if you really want to avoid the fake test and getting the real one, follow these 3 simple rules:

Rule no. 1: Always check the test provider’s license

It’s a common rule in everywhere, that each business requires its own license so it will be legal. Therefore by only choosing the licensed test provider, you’ll save yourself from the B1 English Test scams out there.

Rule no. 2: Training and preparation

You’ve might heard that getting the UK visa is easier than the USA visa. However, don’t let this statement fool you, due to if you haven’t trained and prepared enough, you’ll likely fail the test.

Rule no. 3: Attitude and attire

Be as polite as possible to the examiner, and wear the best outfit that you have will increase your chance to pass the test.

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